Basic Information about Pediatric Dentistry or Pedodontics

Pediatric Dentistry, or also called pedodontics, is a branch of dentistry that is involved in treating children from birth to adolescence with regards to their dental health. One main difference between adult dentistry and pediatric dentistry is that the patients in pediatric dentistry are children who are still growing and thus their mouths are still changing, compared to adult dentistry with patients as adults who have now permanent condition of their gums and teeth. This difference spells a different approach in treating and attending to their dental health. Pediatric dentistry also focuses on understanding the cause and how to prevent mouth diseases and at the same time form a bond of trust with young patients. In this form of dentistry, another focus is the teaching of healthy habits in dental care among children and supervising their oral health as they grow. Click here to find a Gainesville VA dentist .

Pediatric dentists would need to complete two more years of post-doctoral training that focuses on the concerns and special needs of children patients in particular. In developed countries today, practitioners are given board certification and a special permit for the dentist to label and represent himself or herself as a pediatric dentist.

In this field of dentistry, teaching children the importance of healthy teeth is one of its most important aspects. Further effort is placed into preventing tooth decay and teaching habits and behaviours of kids that will prevent decay and gum disease. Note that several scientific studies reveal that poor oral hygiene can be related to poor social relationships, poor performance in school and issues with confidence and self esteem. It is thus one of the qualifications of a pediatric dentists to communicate with children on how their eating habits will affect their teeth and other oral care like brushing and flossing.

Pediatric dentistry or pedodontics covers a wide range of disciplines, techniques and skills. This type of dentistry is also modified and adapted to meet the needs of children and some individuals with special health care needs. The procedures for children tend to differ from adults, and this calls for a different care and supervision in their oral growth. Thus, even if pediatric dentistry shares many basic fundamentals of good dental practice to that of adult dentistry, some important distinctions would be on a more flexible and specialized approach in the oral care of children.

Pedodontists therefore have their main goal to promote oral hygiene for children to grow with brighter, healthier smiles. Let us always remember that proper dental health is significant and contributory to the overall emotional and physical health of children, thus it is in this stage that children need to know how to take care of their teeth. Visit a dentist in Gainesville VA today!